From an idea by Grandfather Mario

The story of Lembondel, born in 1965 and revolutionized in 1991 by Grandfather Mario, a visionary in love with his village, is an exciting journey of passion and change.

The après-ski of the golden times

In Lembondel, everything began back in 1965 when the restaurant that would become the “après-ski of the golden times” was opened, a place where one could delight in warm and tasty dishes. In the area, just a year later, the first ski lift in the Ledro Valley was built, an innovation that marked a crucial moment for the community. Behind our Residence, even today, you can find the original pylon, a tangible memory of those pioneering years. Thanks to the success achieved, a new ski lift was inaugurated in Tremalzo, further expanding opportunities for winter sports enthusiasts.

Initially, the structure served as a social hub, a place where residents gathered to celebrate weddings, play bocce, and simply have fun, organizing parties accompanied by music and laughter.

Grandpa Mario buys the ruined building

In 1991, the Crosina family purchased the ruined building, on the initiative of Grandfather Mario, a visionary deeply in love with his village. Four years later, after the renovation was completed, the first pub in Valle di Ledro was inaugurated, which quickly became a landmark for all the residents.

Pio, Patty and the Crosina family

In 2000, dear son Pio with his loving Patty began managing the newly completed Residence while eagerly awaiting the arrival of their firstborn, Sara. The apartments were built by Grandfather Mario, who passed on the art and passion for wood and craftsmanship to the next generations.

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